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Do you want more from your course than just the certification? Do you want to experience real adventure? You can with the Elite Advanced Open Water Diver course.

The Elite Advanced Open Water Course "Adventures in Diving" program, is the next step beyond the Open Water Certification. The aim of this course is to expand on your knowledge and skills gained in your Open Water Course, and to develop more confidence to broaden your diving horizons.

To complete your "Elite Advanced Open Water Diver" certification, seven Adventure Dives are required. The following are what we include in our program

Deep Dive - Experience the excitement and wonder of what lies below 18 metres. You will gain the experience of diving to 30 metres below the surface. This will allow you to explore otherwise unseen sights such as wrecks, caves and more.

Underwater Navigation - Ever wondered how an experienced diver finds their way around a dive site so easily? On the Underwater Navigation dive you will learn some of the secrets of navigation, including compass use and using the natural environment to assist you. You will never be lost again!!

Advanced/Nitrox Dive - For just $200 extra, Why not complete the Nitrox course while doing your Advanced Course and do all your dives on Nitrox and not only be Advanced Certified but be Nitrox Certified as well.

Drift Dive - Enjoy a comfortable, easy relaxed dive and be picked up by the boat at the other end, avoiding long swims back to the boat. Scuba dive along side amazing marine life which spends their days drifting in the currents.

Peak Performance Buoyancy - Master your buoyancy and glide effortlessly, conserve air and ascend, descend, or hover almost as if by thought. Mastering neutral buoyancy is one of the most difficult skills a scuba diver can achieve..

Night Diver - Experience the thrill of diving at night, it opens whole new areas of scuba diving and you will be meet by new creatures that come out at night...

Our Advanced Open Water Diver courses are conducted in the beautiful Moreton Bay Marine Park. It is conducted over 3 day trips, with 2 boat dives each day from Go Dive’s custom built boat DiveQuest, a single night dive is also included in this package.
The Advanced course includes 5 dives, your Advanced Diver manual and Advanced Open Water certification.

• 3 days Ocean Diving. 6 Ocean Boat Dives.
• Enriched Air Certifiaction
• Peak Performance Certification
• Night Dive
• Crew Pack value $151
• Lunch provided on Boat Days
• Exclusive merchandise
• Exclusive offers and invitation to Elite only days
• Longer Dive Times
• Smaller class sizes
• Australia’s Best Training, Lots of Fun, Meet people!
• 15% course discount on purchases
• 100% equipment satisfaction for fit, comfort and efficiency
• Australia’s Best Rated PADI Dive Centre
• Australia's highest student retention rate

Not Included:
Australian Dive Medical 4005.1 (not all students require a Dive Medical)
• Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Dive Boots, & Dive Gloves suitable for Scuba Diving. Can be purchased or hired at Go Dive Brisbane
• Ask in store for further details.
Call Go Dive Brisbane on (07) 3857 7255.

Elite Advanced Open Water Diver - Introductory Offer $1575
with upto 7 Open Water Dives

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