HMAS Brisbane

Want to do a Wreck dive on the exHMAS Brisbane with Go Dive Brisbane?

photo by Nigel MarshHMAS Brisbane is Australia’s best warm water wreck dive. Come find out more and dive the HMAS Brisbane with Go Dive Brisbane. The HMAS BRISBANE Conservation Park is the Sunshine Coast's number one dive site and is world class. The HMAS Brisbane dive site was created when the former Australian Navy warship, the HMAS Brisbane was scuttled on 31st July 2005 to create an artificial reef. The HMAS BRISBANE measures 133 metres in length and lies on a sandy bottom in 27 metres of water. 'The HMAS Brisbane' is covered with hard and soft corals and more than 200 species of fish have been recorded so far. Large schools of pelagic fish swarm around the twin chimney stacks.

The HMAS BRISBANE is the largest diveable wreck in Queensland. Diving experts agree that the HMAS BRISBANE is one of the best prepared ships to be scuttled anywhere in the world to create an artificial reef. Large holes have been strategically cut along the entire length of both sides of the ship to allow divers easy entry and exit. It is virtually impossible to get lost inside the ship or become entangled. There is little or no sediment on the floors of the ship making it safe for divers. The site is suitable both for the Openwater divers who may wish to only explore the ship from the outside or the experienced Advanced divers who would like to descend the chimney stack and discover the cavernous front boiler room and engine room.

Go Dive Brisbane uses the licensed HMAS Brisbane diving boat 'Dive Express' is an 11.3 metre custom built dive boat. It has all the features divers look for in a fast comfortable day boat. The vessel is surveyed to carry 18 divers plus 4 crew; each with their own seat. Complimentary morning tea is served during the one hour surface interval. There is a marine toilet onboard and an outdoor shower.

Half day dive trips 2 dives depart daily. It is a fast, comfortable 20 minute trip from the marina to the dive site. You will meet at Scuba World where free all day parking is provided and are able to board the dive vessel right outside the dive gear set up area. The HMAS BRISBANE Conservation Park is situated in open sea conditions. There are no reefs or islands surrounding the site which offer protection from winds and swell. Go Dive Brisbane offers a comfortable surface interval by coming back to the shelter of Mooloolaba harbour which takes 10 minutes but gives a smooth 1hr surface interval. Returning to the bay for the surface interval virtually eliminates any problems of an unsettled stomach.

To book a position on the HMAS Brisbane call Go dive Brisbane on (07) 3857 7255 to organize a dive which can be completed any day of the week. The HMAS Brisbane is located at Mooloolaba which is 75 minutes north of Brisbane city so make sure you have arranged transport.



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