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Scuba Tune Up

Are you a certified diver but have not dived for a while? No Problem! The good news is that you do not need to complete your course again. Simply sign up to Go Dive’s Scuba Review program and we will have you back in the water feeling comfortable and confident in no time.

Join one of our friendly and professional instructors for a 3 hour pool session brushing up on the skills that you learnt on your Open Water Course. We don’t stop there though. You will then have the opportunity to do 2 spectacular dives from our day dive vessel the “DiveQuest” on two different sites in Moreton Island Marine Park. You can dive alongside turtles, octopus, Manta Rays, Clown Fish, Pipefish and even Humpback Whales!

Investment in your safe diving adventure - $315 

Advanced Diver Course

Do you want to experience real adventure? You can with the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course.

The PADI Advanced Open Water Course "Adventures in Diving" program, is the next step beyond the Open Water Certification. The aim of this course is to expand on your knowledge and skills gained in your Open Water Course, and to develop more confidence to broaden your diving horizons.

To complete your "Advanced Open Water Diver" certification, five Adventure Dives are required. The following are the most popular adventure dives:

Deep Dive - Experience the excitement and wonder of what lies below 18 metres. You will gain the experience of diving to 30 metres below the surface. This will allow you to explore otherwise unseen sights such as wrecks, caves and more.

Underwater Navigation - Ever wondered how an experienced diver finds their way around a dive site so easily? On the Underwater Navigation dive you will learn some of the secrets of navigation, including compass use and using the natural environment to assist you. You will never be lost again!!

Nitrox Dive - For just $50 extra, Go Dive Brisbane offers all PADI Advanced Students the chance to complete the PADI Nitrox adventure dive. Feel the refreshing increase in oxygen and glide through the water knowing you have extended your no decompression limit and shortened your surface interval. Nitrox dives are completed with 32% - 36% Nitrox dives for one dive only. If you choose to continue and complete your advanced course you will get that $50 backoff your course cost.

Drift Dive - Enjoy a comfortable, easy relaxed dive and be picked up by the boat at the other end, avoiding long swims back to the boat. Scuba dive along side amazing marine life which spends their days drifting in the currents.

Peak Performance Buoyancy - Master your buoyancy and glide effortlessly, conserve air and ascend, descend, or hover almost as if by thought. Mastering neutral buoyancy is one of the most difficult skills a scuba diver can achieve..

Our Advanced Open Water Diver courses are conducted in the beautiful Moreton Bay Marine Park. It is conducted over 2 day trips, with 3 dives the first day and 2 the second day from Go Dive’s custom built boat DiveQuest. The Advanced course includes 5 dives, your Advanced Diver manual and Advanced Open Water certification. For those unable to dedicate a full weekend to the course, Go Dive also offers the option of completing the required dives over 3 days on our day boat, the “DiveQuest” (For more information, please enter your details at bottom of page).
Investment in your safe diving adventure - $575 

Rescue Diver Course

Do you know how to handle or prevent a diving emergency? Would you know what to do if you came across another diver panicking on the surface? Or unconscious on the sea floor? The PADI Rescue diver program will equip you with the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to deal with these scenarios…and more. 

Go Dive Australia's Rescue Diver program is very challenging and highly rewarding. As a Rescue diver, you will have an increased awareness of other divers enabling you to prevent most diving problems that can occur, as well as give you the confidence needed to manage a dive accident scene. All of this sounds serious but no need to worry, it is a lot of fun too. Many divers say that this is the best course that they have taken. 

After a short theory session, you, your dive buddies and your instructor will spend a day in confined water learning the skills required to conduct many types of rescue, starting with the basics and advancing through to full rescue scenarios. There is plenty of time to master each of these important skills but be aware…..your instructor might throw in a few surprises!!

Sunday will see you put your newly formed skills and confidence into play as you complete four realistic rescue scenarios in the open water with 2 boat dives, covering all of the skills mastered in the confined water. (For more information, please enter your details at bottom of page. Valid Senior First Aid qualification required prior to certification as a Rescue Diver. See below.)

Some scenarios that you will learn to handle include:

  • Self-rescue and diver stress 

  • Emergency management and equipment 

  • Panicked diver response 

  • In-water rescue breathing protocols 

  • Exiting the water with an unconscious diver

  • Dive accident scenarios

Investment in your safe diving adventure - $470

Specialty Diver Courses

Those divers who want to take their skills to a higher level can complete one or more of Go Dive Australia's specialty courses. Specialty courses allow you to gain more experience and earn a certification in the particular type of diving that you love. Whether it is Deep Diving, Underwater Digital Photography, Underwater Navigation, Enriched Air Nitrox, Wreck Diving or Equipment Specialty courses, with Go Dive's professional instructors you can become the ultimate diver. 

(For more information, please click enquiry button and enter your details)

Master Scuba Diver

By successfully completing your PADI Advanced Diver, PADI Rescue diver course, and five PADI Specialty courses, you can apply for diving’s highest non-professional qualification. As a Master Scuba Diver, you will have developed skills and experience in a broad area of activities and environments. You will be a much sought after dive buddy on your next dive outing!

Divemaster Course

The PADI Divemaster course is the first step to becoming a Scuba Diving professional. You will gain the experience and knowledge needed to gain paid employment anywhere in the world within the scuba diving industry. What a way to make a living, doing something that you love! The tourism industry is the fastest growing industry in Australia, and with Go Dive you're well on your way to becoming an industry professional. The Divemaster course can also be used not just as a career path but as a personal challenge.

The theory and skill component of Go Dive Australia's Divemaster program is conducted over 6 days. This can be completed either over 3 consecutive weekends, or one full week. You are then given the opportunity to gain practical industry experience working alongside one of Go Dive's professional instructors. You will be assisting real students in training both in confined and open water, on all courses from Open water to Rescue Diver. 

We take pride in our Divemaster courses teaching well above and beyond the minimum PADI prerequisites to fully prepare our trainees for real world conditions and situations. It is fair to say that our Divemaster courses are amongst the most challenging around. (Divemaster trainees will assist a Go Dive instructor on two open PADI open water courses)

(For more information, please enter your details at bottom of page)

Investment in your safe diving career - $1310
Please note: Current Senior First Aid and CPR qualifications are required prior to certification as a PADI Divemaster. Oxygen provider qualification required by Divemasters wanting to gain employment in the industry. See courses below.

Instructor Development Course

The PADI Instructor Development Course IDC is the only PADI Instructor program in Brisbane and has the PADI highest rating.The IDC has been designed to transform you from a Divemaster into a highly sought after industry professional with the best training and experience offered in Brisbane, Queensland & Australia.

The “Instructor Development Course (IDC)” program will take you from a PADI Divemaster or PADI Assistant Instructor to becoming a PADI Open Water Scuba Dive Instructor.  During the IDC you will participate in workshops designed to accustom you to preparing and giving academic presentations.  You will learn how to brief, demonstrate, problem solve, use group control and de-brief in confined and open water environments.  You will go over the 18 skills from the Divemaster skill circuit to ensure you are comfortable with your demonstrations and you will practice your rescue skills in the Rescue Workshop.  The course is challenging and rewarding and will give you practical experience in an exciting industry!

Our team of staff and instructors pride themselves on the quality of training that they provide. We do not just cover minimum course requirements but will train you to be a competent and confident Industry Professional in whatever aspect of diving industry you wish to pursue.

Go Dive Brisbane offers first class facilities including the use of 6 dive vessels, a wealth of experience, the highest quality equipment and the longest dive times. You will be considered one of the team and will be learning alongside your instructor. You will not be watching from the sidelines.

Also included in the 9 day IDC program is a 1 day course on dive industry selling techniques, dive centre management and job placement opportunities.

Investment in your safe diving career - $2500 Includes Instructor Crew Pack(value$900)


Gain knowledge and practical skills in all aspects of first aid management. This course will allow you to provide first aid response, life support, management of patients, bystanders and other first aiders in the workplace or social arena until the arrival of medical or other assistance. This qualification is a pre-requisite for PADI Rescue Diver and Divemaster programs.

Course includes:

  • Breathing and cardiac emergencies

  • Shock

  • Bleeding and wounds

  • Burns and scalds

  • Poisoning and envenomation

  • First aid equipment and facilities

Investment in your first aid skills - $180

PADI Oxygen Provider Specialty

This course provides advanced training in CPR covering the selection and use of various mechanical aids to resuscitation including positive pressure and supplemental oxygen. This qualification is required by PADI Divemasters wanting to gain employment in the industry.

Course includes:

  • Introduction to advanced CPR skills

  • Resuscitation mask and Air Viva

  • Oxygen equipment

  • CPR with oxygen

  • Oxygen therapy

Investment in your first aid skills - $155



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